What is RMD?

Reaching Media Decisions is a business designed to give you back your time and energy, to spend on what you want to do – either other parts of your business, your family and/or a holiday!!



  • You’re far too busy to concentrate on your marketing, advertising and strategic planning?Pained Golden Coin Emoji
  • As the financial year progresses, you can’t remember what you’ve booked, and how much you’ve spent?
  • You’ve placed other people in charge of marketing, and (for whatever reason) they’re unable to cope either?
  • You’re sick of media proposals coming across your desk, and not knowing if you should take advantage of it or not?  Does it fit in with your plans?
  • You’re not “A MAN WITH A PLAN” and you’d like to be?


Here’s the Panadol for your Pain!

Reaching Media Decisions is designed to give you back TIME, but also to give you the knowledge and the tools to assist you in making the best possible decisions for your business.  If you were nodding in pain to any of the above categories that you’d like to be, but are not, then we need to talk … OBLIGATION FREE!


Strategic planning of your marketing and advertising can SAVE TIME AND MONEY by:-

  • Allowing you to spend more time ON your business, rather than IN your business
  • Not spending money in the wrong media areas, or trying to reach the wrong demographic
  • Not applying the spend where and when it’s needed the most
  • Not having a strategic marketing plan
  • Not making unnecessary knee-jerk compulsive buys, reacting to the “current” market



  1. Strategic Marketing Planning
  2. Communication with media, if requested
  3. Look at the eight key foundation points of your business
  4. Monthly reporting to continually see where you’ve been and where you’re going with marketing
  5. Aim to get the best possible pricing based on the 12 month goals